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Rental Equipment


NECE has launched an equipment rental division to offer customers access to the latest integrity monitoring equipment as part of their integrated package of services. The equipment ranges from thermal imaging cameras to portable sand monitoring systems. Customers will have access to the latest generation of integrity monitoring solutions with the full engineering support and analysis capability from NECE.

The benefits of renting through NECE are:

The range of equipment available includes:

Probe systems with data loggers
Corrosion probe logging equipment for continual corrosion & chemical monitoring. Ideal for short term replacement of malfunctioning monitoring equipment or short term chemical trials.

Corrosion monitoring retrieval equipment
Specialist corrosion monitoring equipment suitable for all intrusive corrosion devices and chemical injection assemblies. Ideal for short term commissioning projects, urgent service campaigns or ad hoc service requirements. Range of sizes & types available. Note Engineers must be fully certified and competent in the use of this equipment.

Orbisphere dissolved oxygen monitoring units
Specialist equipment for the continual monitoring of dissolved oxygen in Water Injection, Seawater and Produced Water systems. Ideal for short term replacement of malfunctioning monitoring equipment or short term oxygen scavenger trials.

Sidestream units
This combined sidestream unit can be used for microbiology, corrosion and chemical monitoring purposes. Ideal for optimising biocide and inhibitors on a short term or long term basis. Can be commissioned to accommodate various types of corrosion monitoring devices where no monitoring facilities or fittings are available.

Portable sand monitoring systems
Acoustic sand monitoring equipment for continual erosion monitoring. Ideal for short term well monitoring, system start-ups or short term replacement of malfunctioning equipment.

Thermal imaging cameras
Thermal imaging cameras for non-invasive inspections ideal for detecting solids, sand and scale build up in critical systems. Application also detects water ingress ideal for CUI campaigns.

Our flexible and integrated approach ensures a quality service from start to finish. To find out more about the new rental division, please get in touch