We have a simple yet essential safety goal, for every employee to go home injury free at the end of each day. We believe all injuries are preventable.

We are fully committed to the operation of our quality, occupational health, safety and environmental management systems. With respect of the below accreditations we drive the continual cost effective improvement of our QHSE performance and the prevention of pollution and our commitment to reducing hazards, risks, injury, ill health and so protecting the safety and health of persons on our site.

With the help and commitment of all our employees we will work diligently to prevent all accidents and continuously improve both environmental and health and safety standards and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

In line with ISO 14001:2004 we strive to continually seek opportunities to minimise our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, reuse materials where possible & recycle materials to reduce waste. This requirement is further imposed and important in relation to us by the fact that the company is situated next to a nature reserve.

We provide sufficient resources, training, equipment and controls to assure a safe and secure working environment and maintain the highest standards of QHSE systems in support of the IMS policy.

At NECE, we expect the active commitment to and accountability for QHSE from all employees. Establishing a culture where every employee is involved in defining developing processes and procedures which protect their own and their colleague’s health and safety is our main focus. We pride our self on promoting a positive safety culture where staff members are encouraged and praised for reporting and investigating the “root cause” of all accidents, incidents and near misses.

We are committed to identifying, assessing and managing to minimise risks by ensuring continuous improvement by monitoring progress through regular assessment to verify controls remain effective.

This includes

Full company information, including a recent Verify Audit can be obtained from FPAL. NECE’s Supplier number is: 10040007.