28th March 2014

NECE unveil Leak Register for Optical Gas Detection Survey


NECE released an updated Gas Detection Mailshot unveiling the Gas Detection Leak Register.

The Gas Finding Register has been developed to supply clients with detailed reporting on completed leak detection surveys. It is structured to provide the exact positioning of all leaks discovered during a survey, with links to the relevant P&IDs and video footage with Lower Flammable Limits (LFL) amounts also recorded and included in the report.

NECE’s aims, in designing the register, were: • To produce an accessible and easy-to-use resource for its clients • To deliver a comprehensive record of each gas detection survey, in which all results are stored in one place • To provide an accurate picture of leak location and severity • To support its clients as they move into the leak repair phase • Continuity of data management and reporting

To see the Mailshot please visit the following page: